2019年9月14日(土)-23日(月・祝)入管収容問題緊急キャンペーン ---
Sat./14/09/2019-Mon./23/09 Emergency campaign for Problem of Detention facilities of Immigration Services Agency

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「わたしをここからだして 2 —オリンピックの『治安対策』の名の下に—入管収容所で苦しむ外国人の現在(いま)

「わたしをここからだして 2 —オリンピックの『治安対策』の名の下に—入管収容所で苦しむ外国人の現在(いま)」
日時|2019年9月14日(土)-21日(土)9:00-21:00 / 22日(日)9:00-17:00
会場|日本教育会館 一ツ橋画廊(東京都千代田区一ツ橋2-6-2)
アクセス|都営新宿線・東京メトロ半蔵門線 神保町駅(A1出口)徒歩3分、都営三田線 神保町駅(A8出口)徒歩5分 
※ クルド難民によるトークイベント|9月15日(日)14:00-(予約不要・参加無料)
※ 会場内には「入管の長期・無期限収容に反対する署名」、「東京入管に収容されているトルコ国籍のクルド人難民メメット・オズチャルギルさんの解放を求める署名」用紙があります。ぜひご協力ください。
※ 14日(土)・15日(日)は、会場警備の都合上、入場の際にチラシ・当展覧会のご案内を提示いただくか、当展覧会にご来場された旨をお知らせ下さい。

「私が入管職員を辞めた理由」 木下 洋一(元入国管理局職員・入管問題救援センター)
「収容者との面会を通じて」  樫田 秀樹(ジャーナリスト)
スライド・映像上映「トルコにおけるクルド人の抑圧」(提供:Refik Tekin/クルド人ジャーナリスト)
「長期収容とハンガーストライキ、そして再収容の問題点」 大橋 毅(弁護士・クルド難民弁護団)
日時|9月23日(月・祝)14:30-17:00 / 開場14:00
会場|川口メディアセブン プレゼンテーションスタジオ(埼玉県川口市川口1-1-1 キュポ・ラ7階/電話 048-227-7622)
アクセス|JR 京浜東北線 川口駅(東口)徒歩1分
入場無料 ※会場にて資料販売

会場|東京都立一橋高校定時制・文化祭「柏葉祭」一般公開日・多言語交流部展示会場内 (東京都千代田区東神田1-12-13)
アクセス|JR総武線 浅草橋駅(西口)徒歩7分、JR総武快速線 馬喰町駅・都営新宿線 馬喰横山駅(4番出口)徒歩3分

お問い合わせ|事務局代表/周 香織( E-mail|shukaori@yahoo.co.jp、Web | http://kurd-m-san.hatenablog.com/ )

Emergency campaign for Problem of Detention Facilities of Immigration Services Agency
“GET ME OUT OF HERE part2 - Under the name of Olympic security measures -Current status of foreigners suffering in   Detention Facilities of Immigration Services Agency
What is happening behind “Celebration of peace”and“O-MO-TE-NA-SHI”?
This is an actual incident in Japan now.
Preparing are advancing steadily  for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympicsare and
Under the name of security measures, people who unable to return to their home countries like refugee applicants have been detained by Detention Facilities of Immigration Services Agency one after another.
They have been mentally and physically ill by Long-term detainment and Compulsion of returned to home country from Immigration Services Agency member but they can not receive the necessary medical care. And some of them have been dieing of illness or suicide.
The detainees who are driven into a corner have been began betting their life on hunger strikes for release from there.

Photo exhibition
“GET ME 0UT OF HERE part2 - Under the name of Olympic security measures - Current status of foreigners suffering in Detention facilities of Immigration Services Agency”
The exhibition will show  what is happening in the Detention Facilities of Immigration Bureau as cases of Kurdish refugees who have fled to Japan of the main part with newspaper reports and photos.

Date & Time |Sat./14/09/2019-Sat./21/09  9:00-21:00 and Sun./22日 9:00-17:00
Venue |Japan Education Center Hitotsubashi-Garo(2-6-2 Hitotsubashi,Chiyoda,Tokyo)
Access |Toei Shinjuku Line・Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Jimbocho Station(Exit-A1)3 minutes on foot,Toei Mita Line Jimbocho Station(Exit-A8)5 minutes on foot 
Directions information phone|03-3230-2833
Admission | Free
* Talk event by Kurdish refugees|Sun./14/09 14:00-(No reservation required・Admission Free)
* There are Signature paper of “Signature against Immigration Bureau's long-term indefinite detention” and “Signature calling for the release of Turkish Kurdish refugee Memet Ozchalgil who is Detented by the Tokyo Immigration Bureau” at the venue.Please cooperate by all means.
* At 14th and 15th.September,Please present flyers and information on this exhibition at the time of admission for security reasons. Or please let us know that you have come to this exhibition.

Talk Event
  What's happening in Detention Facilities of Immigration Services Agency 

  • "Why I resigned Immigration Bureau staff " Youichi Kinoshita(Former Immigration Bureau staff/ Relief Center for Problem of Immigration Bureau)
  • 「Through meeting with The detainees」  Hideki Kashida(Journalist)
  • Slide show and Video screening「Repression to the Kurds in Turkey」(Provide by Refik Tekin / Kurdish journalist)
  • 「Long-term detention and hunger strikes, Problems of re-detention」 Takeshi Ohashi(Lawyer/Kurdish refugee defense team)

Date & Time | Mon./23/09/2019 14:30-17:00 / Door will open at 14:00
Venue | Presentation Studio of Kawaguchi Media Seven (7F CUPOLA KAWAGUCHI 1-1-1 Kawaguchi Kawaguchi-Shi Saitama / Phone 048-227-7622)
Access |JR-Keihintohoku line Kawaguchi Station (East Exit)  1 minutes on foot 
Admission | Free ※ Material sales at the venue.
Application | WEB form:http://urx2.nu/zsv7
phone:050-3588-6458(Sawarabi-sha / Nukui)
※ We will get back to you when we are away.
※ If there are vacant seats, you can join the day.

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Refugee photo Mini exhibition
  Where did the refugees come from? 
Date & Time |Sat./28/09/2019 10:00-14:00
Venue | Tokyo Hitotsubashi hight school/night class・School festival "KASHIWABA festival" Public release date・ in the exhibition Venue of Multilingual alternating current club (1-12-13 Higashikanda,Chiyoda,Tokyo)
Access | JR-Sobu Line Asakusabashi Station (West Exit)7 minutes on foo t, JR-Sobu Rapid Line Bakurocho Station and Toei Shinjuku line Bakuroyokoyama Station(Exit-4)3 minutes on foot.
Admission | Free
Organized by Multilingual alternating current club(One World)
Assisted by Support collective of Kurdish refugee Mr.M

Organized by Society for Understanding Kurd , Japan Kurdish Cultural Association , Support Society of Kurdish refugee Mr.M
Inquiries|office representative/ Shu kaori( E-mail|shukaori@yahoo.co.jp、Web | http://kurd-m-san.hatenablog.com/ )